Glengoyne 20 2001 Malts of Scotland

Thanks to /u/ScotchGuy_TO  for pouring this dram for us. Still working through whisky reviews from the whisky tasting we had. This would be whisky number 8, however, in my own defense, I was super excited and took breaks when I felt like I couldn’t review anymore to clear my palate. So we’re midway through the sherry whiskies, […]

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Inchgower 20 2000 Maltbarn

This was my bottle to open for the tasting, and has been hanging out for a few years, awaiting an occasion like this. It was the sixth whisky, however please be assured I took a break which was needed more than an Intermission during The Batman, so we’ve reset, and we’re onto Sherry Cask whiskies […]

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