Deveron 18

It’s my birthday. Well, it isn’t. More so my family never has time near my birthday, so we end up going out well after the date, and I order birthday whiskies to have a good time. So we’re out at Via Allegro, an Italian restaurant known for a large whisky list. Which is a rarity […]

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Daftmill 2 Ways

Thanks to /u/smoked_herring for this first sample! Not many people care about whiskies from the Lowland region. And I don’t really blame them. From the start the Lowland region wasn’t established to make great whisky. I won’t get into the Wash Act of 1823 (keep it in your pants) but I’ll sum it up by saying it […]

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Ledaig 12 2008 Amarone Cask Finish

Another Ledaig? Sure, another Ledaig. For a distillery I consistently mention as being too expensive and that I have to get over because it’s hard to find, I certainly have been reviewing it a bunch, eh? I’m a peat head, what can I say. So I’m a hypocrite, we’ve cemented that, however with whisky bars […]

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