Peat’s Beast 27

Thanks to /u/xile_  for sharing a bottle of this with me (not in one sitting, just in purchase). This was supposed to be the last of a very big year-end tasting, and when I attempted to review a dram, I realized quickly I wasn’t doing it justice, and needed to revisit it.

Which is for the best, I was needed to help make dinner, which was way too much calories and probably did me in worse than the 7 drams of scotch.

So what is Peat’s Beast 27? Most believe it to be a single cask Laphroaig that was aged in American oak casks, and that couldn’t use the name because it was very different from the Laphroaig profile (allegedly).

At the end of the day, it’s more of the smoke and mirrors we accept that happen in backrooms. Don’t believe me? Go pick up a candy that you haven’t had in a few years and tell me if it’s the same size.

So we know this was aged in oak and it’s from Islay. We know the age. We know it’s “batch strength”, so it’s not a single cask and is a batching of whiskies.

Which was enough for me to split a bottle. But was that a good idea? Let’s see, shall we?

Price: £227.95

Region: Islay

Cask type: American Oak casks

Abv: 50.1%

Colour: 7.5Y 9/6

Nose: Chocolate cake, roast lamb with lots of rosemary, almond cookies, Chinese 5 spice blend, dry pear, pine smoke

Do I have to say it’s complex? I feel like it speaks for itself. It’s not just “cocoa” or “chocolate” or “smoke”, it’s cereal mixed with sugar, fat, and cocoa. It’s a lamb that has a good crust on it and fresh rosemary. It’s a perfectly made almond cookie, or a mixture of sweet spices for savoury purposes.

It’s the kind of nose you get lost in and have trouble getting others to understand just how good it is.

Taste: Black licorice, salty mussels, salty peanuts, salty dog cocktail, brownies

Very salty. Very interesting, too. As someone who can’t even swim in the ocean because of the salt, it’s the aspects alongside the salt that makes this. Each of them steps up to compete with the salt.

Remember to salt your baked goods.

Finish: Brine, dried cherries, peanuts, canned pear, spearmint, bacon

More salt, some sharp rich fruit, some nuttiness, and bacon. Or as I call it, an amazing charcuterie board. Which reminds me, I should have more charcuterie boards.

It’s very well balance, and you don’t feel like the fruit takes over too much, the salt is balanced now, and the smoke/meatiness is something I crave.

Conclusion: Needs a good amount of time in the glass, but once it gets there, it’s a lot of fun and complex. When I first had this I gave it the normal amount of time, as I was discussing… damn, I can’t remember, probably the state of the world or something. Because I’m fun at parties. So I gave it time, but seemingly not enough. Also I had just had what most would call “a fuckton” of booze prior.

I’m happy I took the proper amount of time to come back to this. It’s very weird. If it is Laphroaig then comparing it to the 25 is a lot more salt and less pork. Which is great, because it’s different. I’d grab this if you’re looking for a complex Islay.


Scotch review #1541, Islay review #399, Whisky Network review #2261

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