Miltonduff 10 Gordon & MacPhail

While looking for other samples in my small box I cosplay as a living space, I noticed I had bought some samples that a) don’t fit in the small space that the others do and b) are taking up room. So it’s time to review them, darnit!

First tall thing, and then I’ll go back and forget this plan: Miltonduff 10 Gordon & MacPhail is a licensed bottling where Miltonduff may not have had their own bottlings, but Gordon & MacPhail felt it should be out there. Takes the heat off the distillery, used the downtime that Gordon & MacPhail has with their bottling line (or the company they pay for the bottling line, I don’t know how exactly they are setup), buy a few casks, release something regular that doesn’t cost a lot, and make some cool retro looking labels.

If you’re a hipster and the above has given you an erection, please consult a doctor if it doesn’t go down in 4 hours. Especially if you’re biological sex is female.

So what is this? It’s the closest thing we have to a standard, entry level offering of 10-year-old Miltonduff. It’s vatted, it’s the lowest possible alcohol percentage, and released by an independent bottler that I’m still open to sending money in exchange for goods.

But does it taste good? Let’s see, shall we?

Price: €50

Region: Speyside

Abv: 40%

Colour: 5Y 9/4

Nose: Apple, cinnamon, lemon, brown sugar, butter

Fruit, some spice, and… wow, that’s quite the nose. Stronger than I expected. It’s very much a simple, standard “Speyside” profile, but the fact it’s young and low alcohol content, I am okay with it. Probably can’t have it before dinner or with a steak (though maybe with a pork chop), but it’s nice.

Taste: Almond, white sugar, cloves, mineral

Huh. I was pumped up by the nose, and then left all pumped up with nowhere to come… er, go.It still has the spice, and a bit of fatty/nutty/fruit note. Otherwise it’s mineral and sweet? Meh.

Finish: Cloves, butter, mineral, cereal

Do I just copy and paste what I said before? It’s less nutty and more cereal based… that’s about it? Also the nose lied about the strength, which is great.

Conclusion: Nice nose, and the rest is meh. I don’t know why these exist, but it’s better than I expected, so that’s something… right? Is it going to get people into having more Miltonduff? I feel like G&M has proven why Miltonduff doesn’t have an official bottling, or at least didn’t have one when this was released.

On the other hand, it’s about the same as some blends out there, and it’s less expensive. So drink it if you’re looking for something mindless and can’t get Johnnie Walker Black.


Scotch review #1544, Speyside review #437, Whisky Network review #2265

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