Irish 31 1990 Archives

We’re well past the point where one can ignore Irish whiskey. Who made this? I don’t know. Don’t care at this point. Seriously, in 1972 there were only two whiskey distilleries in operation in Ireland. And both were owned by Irish Distillers (the company). Compare that to 1887, when there were 28 in total. As […]

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Compass Box The Peat Monster Arcana

Thanks to /u/the_muskox [+7] for sharing this sample with me. I’ve written recently about peat being the proverbial milkshake that brings all the whisky nerds to the yard. Yes, I’m that old to make that quote. So if you’re a maker of a peated offering, what do you do? You are under the gun to continuously grow the […]

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Teaninich 20 1999 Archives

Thanks to /u/scotchandponder for sharing the dram (haven’t touched the rest yet). A lifetime ago, when the Scotch subreddit was smaller, before the internet went truly disturbing (and was only working on being toxic), someone noticed that very few people were reviewing distilleries that started with the letter ‘T’. Which I’m pretty sure was a joke. No […]

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Glenfiddich 21 Winter Storm

Thanks to /u/Plothound  for pouring me this dram. This is the last of the six Glenfiddich reviews I did in a row. Why? Because it was time. And it’ll be more time when I finally dig out the Glenfarclas whiskies, but… uh oh. And what a way to end it all: Yes, it would have made more […]

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Glenfiddich Canadian Cask of Dreams

Thanks to /u/EvilAFI  for this sample. So I’m at this food and wine expo, years ago, back when going to an expo didn’t give me uncomfortable feelings. Well before the pandemic. There’s a whisky section, and even at that point, I wasn’t stoked to visit the section. Don’t get me wrong: They had samples, they had information, […]

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Glenfiddich Fire & Cane

Thanks to /u/the_muskox for sharing this dram. I continue along with my series of Glenfiddich reviews that I’m doing to make up room, as it’s been too long to do these, and I have a few of them. As the whisky I had before this one was Peated, I needed to pick out a similarly peated whisky. […]

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