Auchroisk 8 2010 The Whisky Company

It’s good to re-examine yourself every so often. Not constantly, unless you want me to introduce my own anxiety demon to you. I call him Frank and he makes me sad.

In my case, I haven’t had many Auchroisk whiskies. Some would even say very few, or more accurately, two. Now some might say, who cares? You have what you want, and a Speyside distillery from the 1970s that changed it’s name because non-Scot’s couldn’t pronounce it (they changed back to Auchroisk in 2001) isn’t required drinking to call yourself a whisky reviewer.

So “The Singleton”, or “The Singleton of Auchroisk”, or “Part of J&B”, or whatever it wants to call itself in 10 years, is not usually in my circles. But I wonder why: Maybe I haven’t had many, as it’s mainly for blends. Perhaps I get it mixed up with Aultmore, as my brain mixes up two things that start with the same two letters (June and July is a weird time of year for me).

Auchroisk 8 2010 The Whisky Company is a single cask made after it was the Auchroisk again and then called The Singleton of Auchroisk. It’s aged in a single first-fill port cask and bottled at full “gonna kiss the sky” strength.

But is it good? Was I right in assuming it’s just another blender whisky that doesn’t get out much? Well I don’t get out much either (y’all are dirty), so maybe that’s a good thing. Let’s see, shall we?

Price: €73.00

Region: Speyside

Vintage: 2010

Bottled: 2019

Cask type: First Fill Port Cask

Abv: 60.7%

Colour: 5Y 8/8

Nose: Grass, plum, perfume, butter

Interesting grass, perfume, and plum. It’s quite strong, which isn’t a surprise. I give it time, it doesn’t give much back. Water? Nope, still the same, maybe a bit more butter.

Okay, maybe it’s just not that great of a nose, that happens.

Taste: Banana runts (the candy), pepper, orange juice, melon

Strong fruit notes. Tons of fruit, and sugar, and black pepper, and then a ton more fruit. Then it adds more fruit and mixes that with sugar. It’s very fruity is what I am saying.

Finish: Black pepper, vegetal, white peach, perfume

Earth, perfume, and fruit. I’m almost missing the constant barrage of fruit with nothing else (and little change), but at least it’s kinda perfumey. Also it’s hot as balls. This ends a drinking night, probably with a thousand yard stare.

Conclusion: A rough finish on a whisky that needed more time. It’s strong, water doesn’t temper it, and full of fruit and in need of more developed side notes. Like fruit’s your thing, that’s cool, and a good selection of fruit flavours is interesting, but this really needed more time to play out.

I get the feeling it was too unique and weird to be blended and too one note not to be. It was fine, really. I don’t think you’d be angry to buy a bottle, but I don’t see it as something you’d hunt down. You’d see it, buy it to pour some rocket fuel, and leave it at that. I like floral notes, I love fruit, and even then this just felt like a lost opportunity. Or maybe it was just getting too perfume-y and they pulled it ahead of the game. Who knows.

Oh well, back to my typical distilleries I guess (just kidding, I did another Auchroisk very soon after this one… Or an Aultmore).


Scotch review #1580, Speyside review #452, Whisky Network review #2304

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