Blended Malt 19 2001 Thompson Bros

The idea of a blended whisky makes sense: Blend multiple differently made whiskies together, make something better. We do that with food: You don’t see someone mainlining mayonnaise and demanding it to be drunk purely because it’s better. Granted I haven’t been to the US in half a decade, so maybe that’s happening down there. […]

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Lot 40 18 Cask Strength

Thanks to blaw84  for the sample. Thank you @primetimedinner on Twitter for the image, if you’d prefer I don’t use it, please message me. Canada: That place you used to think was Northern US Shangri-la, and then we ended up with Trump if he was racist Millhouse. Guess that’s what happens when you genocide a whole […]

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Bunnahabhain Port Askaig 45 1968

Years ago someone did a group of reviews on Bunnahabhain. In it, the person reviewing mentioned that the 1960s were a golden era for the distillery, pumping out the top of the whiskies from the distillery, bar none. Now this isn’t a crazy idea: I can attest to the amazing whiskies that people speak of […]

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