Glenturret 27 1990 Chieftain’s

Today we’ll be reviewing Glenturret 27 1990 Chieftain’s, makes me realize that I’d drink more Glenturret if I could. Let’s expand on why:

First off, you have peated and unpeated Glenturret. And while I haven’t dug too deeply on peated Glenturret, if I’m hunting Glenturret, I’m going for the unpeated, so far. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try peated Glenturret at all, it means if SMWS tries to sell me another five or so then I’m going to have to call my boyfriend and start singing a song from the 50s.

Then it comes down to what Glenturret am I hunting down? Casks? I’m happy with a sherry cask, but not picky there. Older, or younger? Now we’re running into the main dilemma.

I tend to like older Glenturret. Which is great, because today we’re reviewing what I’d call an older, single cask Glenturret. That was then finished in a Madeira cask.

Alright, the finish isn’t wowing me, but the cask strength angle and the chance to nearly have what I want out of a Glenturret is enough to bring me to the yard. Let’s see if it has to charge, shall we?

Price: $250

Region: Highland

Vintage: October 1990

Bottled: January 2018

Cask type: Madeira Finish

Cask number 94042

No of bottles: 269

Abv: 51.8%

Colour: 2.5Y 4/6

Nose: Strawberry cream, apple pie, wood, almond nougat, red licorice

Fruity, but not in the way I was expecting. Previous older Glenturret have been more tropical. Perhaps it’s Maybelline (wait, that’s not right).

Fruity, woody, nutty/sweet, a bit dry and nice spice. The Madeira is here quite a bit, but it doesn’t seem off for a Glenturret (unpeated).

Taste: Cinnamon spread on toast, fresh strawberries, caramelised apples, menthol/mint

Wow that’s a lot of cinnamon. And I love a lot of cinnamon. Buttery, well developed cereal, some strong fruit notes with a burnt angle, and that eventually becomes mint.

So again we’re seeing a strong fruit note, but I’d say it’s more from the Madeira cask. However, and here’s the important part: This is really tasty. Super tasty. I don’t feel it’s a strong Madeira, it’s more a blend of the good elements of Glenturret amped by the Madeira.

Finish: Mint, crisp apple, thyme, brine/sand, licorice

Bright, spicy, and tart finish. Odd brine note that balances it all out. And super clean. Nothing off here, even when it gets more acidic or strong in the spice department. But I like licorice, so your mileage may vary.

Conclusion: Fruity, clean, and good herbal/spice notes. The Madeira finish is carrying it some, and dances close to “too much”, but at the end of the day this is really interesting and complex. It’s not too far off from old Glenturret save it’s missing that tropical fruity note.

Does it work? Hell yes, just not totally in the way I expected. Tons of fruit and spice, what more can you ask for? This is either going to be 100% worth it to you or 0%, no in between. Dirty whisky fans won’t love it, spicephobes are going to be blown away, and hardcore tropical fruit fans are gonna be sad. The rest of us? Grab a sample or a bottle, this is tasty.


Scotch review #1588, Highland review #267, Whisky Network review #2314

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