Who is this person reviewing whisky?

Nobody, really. Just a simple man, with a simple idea: Drink Whisky. And write about it. In a calm fashion.

Also I have this constant need to write, regardless of my actual ability, so I started writing on reddit. But then there were rumblings of reddit going away, so I moved it all over here, while still posting to reddit.

Feel free to disagree with me, many have.

I can be crass, and do not censor myself. If you are offended, I suggest you stop reading. My jokes can be offensive. I in no way mean any harm to anyone, however please note I think jokes should be allowed because otherwise we take things way, way too seriously. Especially when it comes to whisky.

I have done reviews for distilleries in the past that have given me samples. My numbers try to be statistically consistent, however I will be the first to admit that they peak around 77-83.

I have spent the last 5+ years trying things as blind as possible. Every review is done after copious amounts of water to ensure I’m hydrated and there’s no lingering flavours in my mouth (insert your own dick joke here).

So please enjoy, and feel free to leave requests for whiskies you’d like to see me review.




5 thoughts on “Who is this person reviewing whisky?

    1. hi Andrew, the Toronto Whisky Society (of which TOModera is a part) would be interested in reviewing your whisky. We’re just getting our website started up, but including TOModera’s ~800 reviews, we’ll be at over 1600 reviews in total. We could have about a dozen people review your whisky and would cross-post to Reddit where there’s an audience of over 50,000 members.

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      1. Thanks!

        Paul has also passed away and that is why he is in on every bottle. If you ever make it to California feel free to stop by and check out the distillery, thanks again for the review and dropping the word fish, to me that can be associated with several different flavors, mostly undesirable ones.

        Andrew Bennett Do Good Distillery 3173 Del Este Ave. Modesto, Ca 95354 Brand Ambassador 307-690-6780 Dogooddistillery.com



      2. Sorry to hear that Paul has passed away, I hope to make it out there soon! I really think you guys are doing great stuff, and look forward to it aging some more!


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