Ardmore 22 2000 Whisky Sponge

What was the occasion: I had a buddy who was debating buying this whisky. Due to many factors in my life at this time, I don’t spend as long drinking as I used to. Not going into that. Whatever the reason eventually drives me to drink… Wait, that sounded negative, let me be very clear, a […]

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Longrow 11 Red Tawny Port Cask Matured

What was the occasion: Big ole Whisky Tasting, and we’re into what some would call the “loud” whiskies, others would call them the “strong” whiskies, and I’d say they are peated. Because we’re starting peated whiskies and using flowery language confuses the internet dwellers. Don’t tell me it doesn’t, it’s been 10+ years of writing these […]

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