Hven Seven Stars No. 2 Merak

Thanks to /u/Strasse  for this dram. If you find yourself between Denmark and Sweden, specifically in the strait of Öresund, you may be drowning in a cold area and should reach land and warmth immediately. If you’re lucky enough to be there and be on the island of Hven, congrats on staying alive! To celebrate you could […]

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You gotta try new things. Again, yes, I’m your mother now. See previous reviews to find out why. Some of them will surprise you, or whatever I’m supposed to say to get people to read as otherwise I’m just screaming into the void. Where was I? Oh yes, Mackmyra, a Swedish whisky distillery. When you […]

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Watching a distillery grow is an interesting process. Hear me out here: The distillery has an idea of what it wants to make, and how it’s going to raise the money to do so. With how much money that investors are now asking for (because their kids ain’t gonna get a yacht otherwise) you have […]

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New Holland

I’m late to the New Holland bandwagon. Heck I’m late to the followup or any of their beer, which has its own impact, as other whiskies of many types have been finished in their beer barrels. Has a cool name too: Dragon’s Milk. Sounds badass like it’s a new metal band that does melodic work […]

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Why is Bowmores?

I can’t really think of a distillery I’m more polarized on than Bowmore. A long time back, a time when I was bushy eyed and peppy, I tried the standard OB (original bottling) offerings from Bowmore. I was underwhelmed. After that I was one of the few lucky new whisky drinkers to try some of […]

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Ardbeg 5 Wee Beastie

Why did I buy this again? Sure, I’m a fan of Ardbeg, but I’m also not made of money. Granted purchasing Ardbeg 5 Wee Beastie is the easiest way to purchase Ardbeg, what with being 5 years old. So it’s not the money. Not to mention I split a bottle 5 ways. Also it’s aged in a […]

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