Macallan – Sure, why not

I’ve had very few times to write up reviews. Thus when I do, I’ve been batching them together. It’s fun, really. Everyone loves super long reviews that take a long time to read (this is sarcasm). Let’s get caught up and then maybe, just maybe, I’ll go back to singles (that’s a lie). Alright, I’m […]

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Bushmills 16 Three Wood

Thanks to /u/boyd86 for the sample. This past year (2018) I had lots and lots of plans. Finish my accounting schooling, find a new job in a new career space, INSERT SOMETHING FUNNY HERE THAT IS OBVIOUS I DIDN’T DO FOR COMEDIC EFFECT, and review enough Irish Whiskey to finally hit 100 total reviews. I’m happy to […]

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Mellow Corn

Thanks to /u/Scotchchick for pouring a sample for me. There’s a whiskey. Some would say ubiquitous. Still, others would say it’s legendary. Its golden hue is known by geeks and non-geeks alike, which based on how I did on Venn diagrams, includes everyone in the world (Editor’s note: That’s not how that works at all). Of course, […]

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Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye 2011

Thanks to /u/devoz for this mystery dram. At this point the alcohol has kicked in. My bravado is up. I’m feeling confident like I haven’t felt before. And then someone mentions up next, we have a mystery dram. My eyes constantly dart back and forth when a Mystery dram is brought up. I’m utter shit at […]

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Mortlach 15 (Gordon & MacPhail)

Thanks to /u/Schockwaves for this sample So close to 500 Scotch reviews. But why aren’t I reviewing something ridiculous, like a ex-Arrack cask Scotch that was aged in the Hebrides after having cherrywood smoke used to dry the malt. But let’s get away from my insane fever dream of a whisky and get to why, […]

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Benromach Organic

Bias time: I’m not the kind of person who puts much stock in Organic as a label. I understand, in some places, it makes sense. There’s a huge reason to have it in the UK, from what I’ve been told. The standards just aren’t there, from what I’ve read. Compared to Canada to the US, […]

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Compass Box Hedonism

Thanks to /u/Boyd86 for the sample. In my house I’m the cook and baker. And the guy who does the dishes too, but that’s an argument for me and my wife, and not anyone else. But back to the main point: The reason I cook and bake more often is because for me, a mixture of […]

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Compass Box Asyla

Thanks to /u/Boyd86 for this sample. Whisky and Music seem intertwined on a regular basis. Perhaps because of the sheer amount the late Lemmy drank, or before him the sheer amount the rat pack drank. Or Metallica’s drinking habits. Or the amount of people who got drunk in life while listening to Music. The other […]

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