1792 Sweet Wheat

I don’t really know what people think about the 1792 brand. I mean, I have enjoyed some of their offerings. I had one of their single casks that tasted like the cinnamon challenge covered in peaches. So I’m debating it too. What I will give the company is they certainly like trying new things. Port […]

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1792 Port Finish

Thanks to /u/blaw84 for the sample. I enjoy peanut butter. A lot. I’ve been able to cut out potato chips, most chocolate bars, and even pop from my life after enjoying all of those things for a long time. But never peanut butter, even though I completely know I’m basically eating icing sugar on my bread. I […]

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1792 Full Proof

Thanks to my friend Cliff for sharing a dram of this one. I missed all the hullabaloo about 1792 and the naming. So much so, that when I first posted, I kept in the part that they had to take out, what with the suing and the lawyers and hoiven-pretty lady! Look up Jerry Lewis’ […]

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