Alberta Premium Cask Strength

Thanks to /u/devoz for sharing this dram with me. Alberta is currently a hot topic in Canada. There’s some history there which I won’t be getting into. I won’t be opening that particular can of worms here. That said, it is the origin and part of the name of the whisky I’ll be reviewing today, Alberta Premium Cask […]

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Alberta Premium

Thanks to /u/muaddib99 for a dram of this. So we’ve all heard about Alberta Premium Dark Horse. And there have been some great reviews for it. Trust me, it’s amazing, and you should have it. That said, however, no one ever talks about Alberta Premium, the starter, flagship, walk out into the world, “mixer” one. And […]

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Alberta Springs 10 Rye

It’s officially cold as heck now, and as such, I need to start drinking Canuck whisky again. Why? Because I’m one of the vast majority of Canadians who lives close to the border but pretends like the cold I deal with is the equivalent to the Yukon. Hooray misunderstood nationalism! Recently I was asked if […]

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Alberta Premium Dark Horse

Here`s the thing; I’ve lived my whole life in Canada, so when I originally came to /r/Scotch, and read someone saying Alberta Premium was a great rye, I laughed. I always knew Alberta Premium as the plastic big bottle that was cheap and mostly drank by alcoholics. Granted I’ve only lived in Ontario and Quebec, […]

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