Aultmore 18 Foggie Moss

Thanks to my wife who brought me out for my birthday drams. I’m a very lucky guy. Whenever I go out to have some whiskies that are old and going to be reviewed I try and get anyone else who’s with me involved. I’ve been told this is called “making it less boring” and “being […]

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Aultmores of Many Sources

Years ago, when hanging out together happened, two of my friends had me stop by to confront me about something super duper important. I had never had an Aultmore. Thank goodness too, as I thought they had found out about the illegal pet trade network I had set up. Then the next thing you know […]

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Aultmore 35 1982 Adelphi

Thanks to /u/xile_[ for pouring me this dram. It’s the end of the year. We’re having whiskies of which we saved onto to eventually have. It’s all a great time. So we’re doing the next one blind. Which, of course, means I didn’t guess it correctly. Aultmore 35 1982 Adelphi is what it eventually was revealed to be. So […]

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Aultmore 12

Thanks to /u/throzen for sharing a dram of this one! It’s hard to find an alternative to Aultmore. Wait, is this what we’re doing now? Puns? That didn’t even work. Let’s start differently. Aultmore distillery is distilled in Keith, Banffshire. The name is derived for the Gaelic, which I don’t have to type out because it’s […]

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Aultmore Darkness! 16 Oloroso

Thanks to /u/devoz for the sample. I have many spreadsheets about whisky. I know, be still your beating heart. Stick with me here. One of them was made when one of my fellow whisky nerds asked me if I kept track of all the distilleries I have and have not had whisky from. I created it, […]

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