Starward Malt Whisky

Thanks to /u/georgejessel  for sharing this dram with me. Australia. A land that evokes rugged territory, vast impacts of conservative pants-on-head policies, rampant colonialism, and a smattering of animals that would kill you quickly. It also evokes a rough group of people who seem like they’d be buds with you, assuming you’re white. So not too different […]

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Four Heartwood Whiskies

Thanks to /u/all_smoke_n_mirrors for the samples. Heartwood is an independent bottler. However, to stop there in describing them doesn’t really do them justice. Most independent bottlers make their way into a distillery, buy a cask that the distillery is willing to sell (typically one that doesn’t fit with their release schedules or flavour profiles), they […]

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Hellyers Road Original

So I’m at a tasting. And I showed up with a whisky to lower everyone’s overall scores. This was requested. I bought my bottle of Hellyers Road Original on a whim. I hadn’t had an Aussie whisky ever. Wait, is that English? Let’s try this again. Me not have Australian whisky yet. Then I forgot about it. […]

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Heartwood Triple Review (Epiphany of the Lakes, Any Port in a Storm [Winter Edition], Convict Resurrection)

Thanks to UncleTobys for these samples. I have a whisky bucket list. Or rather, as I’ve started calling them, my white whales. These are odd or interesting or quite tasty drams I want to try. For instance, Hibiki 30 is on that list. And the whisky made of bagels. And Bruichladdich Fishky. Not to mention […]

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Heartwood Vat out of Hell

It’s that time of year. That Bi-polar, odd time of year. On the positive side, I have my birthday, friend’s birthdays, New Years, Xmas time, and all the food, fun, and drinks that come with it. On the negative side? Well it’s particularly busy. The amount of downers at my work doubles. Sometimes triples. Studies […]

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