Balvenie Madeira Cask 17

Thanks to /u/ScotChen for this sample. It was pretty amaze-balls. Sometimes we do things that we deserve to treat ourselves. It can be little things, like remembering a friend’s favourite food and delivering it to them. Sometimes it’s personal things, like taking a walk and feeling better about your health. Sometimes it’s just smiling at a […]

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Balvenie Tun 1401, Batch 6

So a long, long, long ass time ago (to use the scientific term), I made a pretty sweet trade with /u/dustlesswalnut[1] . I ended up trying some drams that I would never, ever get the chance to try, and… well, I think I sent him some Canucks. Can’t really remember though, I didn’t really sleep […]

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Balvenie 15 Single Barrel

Just came off one of those weeks where I was too busy for my own good. Between work, hanging out with friends, keeping up with my Tomatin mega review, D&D, a few late nights, and traveling across the worst city for traffic in North America far too many times during some of the worst accident […]

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Mystery Exchange Reviews [Glenlivet 18, Johnnie Walker Green Label, Glenmorangie 18, Balvenie 17 Peated Cask, Glenfarclas 21]

So as most people know by now, I kinda went on a bender on my vacation to the UK. 50 whisky samples in 15 days was both awesome and completely stupid, as I’m on medication where I’m not really supposed to have more than 4 oz. of hard liquor per week. None the less, I […]

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Balvenie 17 DoubleWood

When I started off on planning my trip to the UK, I started a list of whisky I’d like to buy. And one of the ones I was very interested in was the Balvenie 17 year DoubleWood. Why? Well the 12 year was good, and the price in Ontario was a little insane compared to […]

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Balvenie 21 Portwood

It’s kinda weird. I never really was into Balvenie, and I can honestly say that there are good and bad ones, yet the initial offerings have never really been my “thing”. That being said, as anyone will tell you, finding different drams and trying different types is how you find what you like from the […]

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Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask

Community review time! This was reviewed as part of a three part dram tasting I did at my local pub. This was the “baby” of the three, even though it’s technically the second oldest of the bunch. Huh, confused myself. Off to a good start on this review. Let’s do the rest in pirate to […]

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Balvenie Doublewood 12 year

A little change of pace for everyone, and a break from some Islay’s for a moment. Don’t worry, more Islay’s to come, but for the time being, let’s stroll into Speyside. I had a dram recently while out for my wife’s birthday at e11even[1] , in Toronto. And the great food needed to be pair […]

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