Ben Nevis 20 1999 The Single Cask

Thanks to /u/ScotchGuy_TO  for pouring me this dram. Went to a tasting. This was dram number 4. Check my history for reviews for whiskies 1 through 3. It was a whole day affair, with breaks in between “groups”. Make sense? Great. Let’s get into it. If you’ve been following my reviews, first off, thank you, and second […]

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4 Ben Nevis Whiskies

There’s “honey barrel” years. There’s “weird casks”. There’s a distillery making a spirit completely differently than they normally do. Distillery warehouses get full, and eventually, it’s not just blenders buying their barrels, it’s independent bottlers. And frankly, I love it all. Each time a distillery has some ebb and flow it really is fun for […]

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6 Ben Nevis Reviews

So for awhile now I have been on and off with Ben Nevis. I hard heard of variation in what you got, that it was big in Japan (so you were competing with richer, more experienced whisky nerds), and that sometimes, just sometimes, it didn’t really work. So when I was told that we could […]

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Ben Nevis 20 1996 Sansibar

So far we’re over a week into the Advent samples that I’ve been doing, and with this being Advent Day #8, we’ve had a few surprises, yet nothing overly epic. Well, that’s about to change because my wife’s drunk “order” by Abv. is ramping up. I have been adding drops of water to pick apart […]

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