Blended Malt 19 2001 Thompson Bros

The idea of a blended whisky makes sense: Blend multiple differently made whiskies together, make something better. We do that with food: You don’t see someone mainlining mayonnaise and demanding it to be drunk purely because it’s better. Granted I haven’t been to the US in half a decade, so maybe that’s happening down there. […]

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Black Bull 40 Batch 1

Thanks to Whiskyjig  for the sample. Sorry for the cloudy glass image. Trying 40-year-old whiskies is not a normal occurrence for me, what with my amazing idea to sell people oil that both cleans your hair and can be used in your car never taking up. I just think the world is not ready for it yet. […]

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Two Stacks Dram in a Can

Thanks to my wife for buying me a can… I think. It’s whiskey in a can, I can’t wax philosophical about it. I started writing and then looked back at the empty can and… well, it’s whiskey in a can! Okay, I got that out of my system, let’s move on. Two Stacks is not, […]

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Compass Box The Peat Monster Arcana

Thanks to /u/the_muskox [+7] for sharing this sample with me. I’ve written recently about peat being the proverbial milkshake that brings all the whisky nerds to the yard. Yes, I’m that old to make that quote. So if you’re a maker of a peated offering, what do you do? You are under the gun to continuously grow the […]

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Proper No. Twelve

Thanks to whomever found devoz  and handed him a sample of this for me… I think? I know next to little about the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) or MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in general, nor will I pretend to understand it. I can’t watch people do sports because I’d rather take part in a sport, even if […]

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