Compass Box The Peat Monster Arcana

Thanks to /u/the_muskox [+7] for sharing this sample with me. I’ve written recently about peat being the proverbial milkshake that brings all the whisky nerds to the yard. Yes, I’m that old to make that quote. So if you’re a maker of a peated offering, what do you do? You are under the gun to continuously grow the […]

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Proper No. Twelve

Thanks to whomever found devoz  and handed him a sample of this for me… I think? I know next to little about the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) or MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in general, nor will I pretend to understand it. I can’t watch people do sports because I’d rather take part in a sport, even if […]

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Basil Hayden’s Dark Rye

Thanks to my buddy Rob who poured this (and the original Basil Hayden) as part of a recent whisky tasting we had (we all socially distanced and stayed outside and were all fully vaccinated). Experimentation is a good thing. I can frankly say that as someone who lives in Canada, where you can experiment and […]

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Johnnie Walker 18

Thanks to my buddy for pouring this as part of a Johnnie Walker vertical at a recent whisky tasting (we all socially distanced and stayed outside and were all fully vaccinated). Average person asks you about whisky. In their head they barely know that Irish Whiskey and Bourbon and Canadian Whisky and Rye (both of […]

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Three Dusty Scotch Blends

Thanks to scotchguy_TO  and dramfine  for these samples. Those closest to me will tell you I’m constantly annoyed by nostalgia. Viewing the past with rose coloured glasses has hurt countless generations. It leads people to love the past without noting the injustices done and the inequalities there. I never would want to go back to any of it. Enter […]

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