Multiple Campbeltown Whiskies

I was interested in Scotch when I first went to Scotland. And kudos to the Scotch Whisky Experience. I went through it, they gave me the basics as a base for me to get wrong and be corrected and grow. For instance, they poured one from almost every Scotch region. Yes, almost. They talked about […]

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Perth Canadian Whisky

Thanks to /u/devoz, who pointed out this whisky and said I had to try it. Top Shelf Distillers is a small distillery. They currently are making moonshine, gin, vodka, Perth Canadian Whisky, and hand sanitizer (if you’re reading this after the pandemic is over, wash your hands, hug your friends and family, and appreciate the little things in […]

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Johnnie Walker Red (1970s)

Thanks to /u/ScotchGuyTo for sharing this dram. Whisky pops up in history here and there. Let me be clear: History is filled with more important things than distilled beer that ensures we get giggly while tasting different interesting flavours. However, what is interesting, when looking at important figures who had major impacts, they drank heavily. It’s no […]

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Teeling 12 Collinstown Collection

Let’s be honest: When someone talks about Irish whiskey, they typically speak of a lower end, everyday drink that is smooth though typically doesn’t break the mould. That’s mostly because the industry has taken a hit over the last century. English trade embargos, the Coffey still, American prohibition, and even Canadian’s calling uncut, poisonous whisky […]

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Adelphi Glenborrodale 8 Batch #3

One of the things that come up when people talk to me about whisky is blends. Now I’ve gone on, and on, and potentially on, about it each time I’ve reviewed one. The quick version? All blends aren’t bad, it’s just that there’s more and more grain whisky being dumped in there and that takes […]

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