George T. Stagg 2019

Thanks to Devoz  for this dram. What was the occasion: End of year tasting which should have happened at the end of last year but Covid happened and we all decided that we’re dedicated to enjoying whisky, not dying to drink whisky. Important distinction there. This whiskey comes after two lighter Scotch’s I had to open up the […]

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St. George Spirits Baller

Thanks to someone… Sorry, I can’t find who poured this for me. St. George Spirits Baller is an American single malt whiskey made to mimic the Japanese whiskey craze. Please don’t leave, don’t leave. I get it, I get it: You’re an American whiskey fan. You want something made in Kentucky or Tennessee, mostly corn, following […]

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Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire

So 2021 sucked. Sure, you may have had better things happen. I somewhat did? I kept going on, and am going to, however on December 31, 2021 I wouldn’t say anyone in my household, save for the cat, were particularly positive. I attempted to have some drinks, but the energy just wasn’t there. A stout […]

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New Holland

I’m late to the New Holland bandwagon. Heck I’m late to the followup or any of their beer, which has its own impact, as other whiskies of many types have been finished in their beer barrels. Has a cool name too: Dragon’s Milk. Sounds badass like it’s a new metal band that does melodic work […]

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Basil Hayden’s Dark Rye

Thanks to my buddy Rob who poured this (and the original Basil Hayden) as part of a recent whisky tasting we had (we all socially distanced and stayed outside and were all fully vaccinated). Experimentation is a good thing. I can frankly say that as someone who lives in Canada, where you can experiment and […]

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