Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

Why do I do this? Why is it that every whiskey, and I mean every whiskey (you’re reading about a review of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, I don’t need to hammer this point) I drink requires a review? At this point I’ve accepted the fact that I drink to review, and not review to drink. It’s […]

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1792 Sweet Wheat

I don’t really know what people think about the 1792 brand. I mean, I have enjoyed some of their offerings. I had one of their single casks that tasted like the cinnamon challenge covered in peaches. So I’m debating it too. What I will give the company is they certainly like trying new things. Port […]

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Westland Peat Week 2016 [Mystery]

Thanks to /u/smoked_herring for this mystery dram. Peat. Does it go with everything? Is it like honey, that seemingly pairs well in all cases, from toast to sexy times to washing your hair? Or is it like peanut butter, which works for some of those things, and makes bears attack you in the other two cases? Westland […]

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Jim Beam Legent

Thanks to my buddy for pouring me a dram of his bottle. So awhile ago I was out in Alberta. Just hanging out, visiting friends, enjoying rural Canada in all it’s beautiful glory. One thing that popped up while in Calgary (not rural Canada, had to come in from the massive farms and beautiful landscapes […]

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