Caol Ila 8 2006 Alexander Murray

Thanks to /u/ScotchGuy_TO  for pouring me this dram. So we’re at part 2 of the continuation of the “end of year” tasting I had. These are the drams that I was worn out to review. Caol Ila 8 2006 Alexander Murray is a simple idea: Independent bottling of a vatted, ex-bourbon cask Caol Ila. We have an age, […]

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Caol Ila 22 1990 Dun Bheagan

So we’re still at Via Allegro, the restaurant that purports to have many whiskies and never can serve them when I order them, thus it’s also the last time I’m showing up to spend copious amounts of money on whisky there, and recommend you go anywhere else if you’d like a selection of whisky (the […]

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Caol Ila – 3 Ways

We’re at a weird point for Caol Ila. As of writing this. Which is 2021, unless you’re currently living through it, at which point your brain has correctly noted it’s 2040 and the end times have begun with less fanfare and more fake articles about how work from home is ruining everyone’s lives. Recently I’ve […]

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Caol Ila 12 2006 North Star

Everything about Caol Ila, on paper, without trying their whisky spells disaster. It’s massive amounts of whisky pumped out industrially owned by a large company. And yet… dammit if I don’t really enjoy their whisky. So I guess I gotta stop judging books by covers and all that. Oh, how my life would be different. […]

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