A Set of Compass Box Reviews

So when you get into whisky there’s a lot of people who’ll immediately jump onto some sacred cow beliefs that are prevalent. Things like “never ever add anything to your whisky” which is dumb, because it’s your whisky. I may not like it with an ice cube or felched out of your partner’s nether region […]

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Compass Box Spice Tree Extravaganza

Thanks to /u/WDMC-905 for bringing this to the Toronto Whisky Society general meeting for the year. For those of us who aren’t musical nerds (which I say lovingly), an Extravaganza is a piece of music or literary work characterized by freedom of style and structure. You see originally Spice Tree was an illegal whisky. By using a […]

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Compass Box Circus

Thanks to /u/scotchchick for the sample. Distillers usually get all the glory. We pick out single casks, store picks, and everything else and note the interesting mashbills, cask choices, and water sources. They deserve this praise because seriously it’s an art. However, when it comes to vattings and blends of whiskies, master blenders are sometimes mixed. We […]

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Compass Box Nectar 10th Anniversary

Thanks to /u/nsquare14 for sending me some samples. Really appreciate these, as he sent me some I’ve never reviewed as a thank you for the reviews. So Compass Box has recently taken the entire idea of single cask and turned it on its head. From what I’ve seen, they’ve offered various alcohol stores and independent […]

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Compass Box No Name

Thanks to my wife for this bottle, a birthday present. At my core, I’m a peat head. Yes, as years have gone by I’ve gone from that guy who loves a strong peated whisky that is super young and brash and powerful to a subtle ex-bourbon cask that takes an hour to dissect. So I’m […]

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Compass Box Glasgow Blend

Thanks to /u/throzen for the sample. I recently went on and on about blends, stating how much I enjoy going back to them even though the scores are typically lower. Note I say “typically” there, to denote a time when they aren’t lower, and to raise suspicion in my reader. See, I too took English in high […]

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Compass Box 3 Deluxe

Thanks to /u/xile_ for sharing this one with us. Compass Box 3 Deluxe. Sounds like we’re missing, right? Yeah, I typically remove the word “years old” in my reviews. Why? Because I need to be different, as that’s what I was told when I was a kid. Compass Box feels that the current rules for blended whisky […]

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Compass Box Enlightenment

Thanks to /u/WDMC-905 for this sample. We’ve all been there. That moment where you’re plugging along, trying to change life, trying to be better, and… you end up tired, in the middle of things, and dragging your ass along. You go back to trying to do those things that make you happy… However due to being tired, […]

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Multiple Mystery Whiskies

As part of one of the many whisky groups I’m part of, we all decided we’d be dicks to one another, but in a nice way. So we all showed up, each with 2 whiskies: One we want empty and one mystery. And then, without knowing the order, and leaving that up to /u/31mak , we drank […]

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