Craigellachie 9 2007 Maltbarn

Thanks to Igor for pouring me a dram. When I first saw this Craigellachie, I was a little apprehensive. Not because the person who picked it isn’t good at picking whisky; he’s quite good at that. Rather the only Craigellachie’s I’ve had stood out because of the odd age statement, hipster packaging, or generally didn’t […]

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Craigellachie 23

Thanks to my buddy John for bringing this dram. Okay, so a few caveats on this review, as I feel I need to come back to this bottle after the fact. This whisky was reviewed as part of my yearly spirit gathering up North with some close friends. This was drank 5th, and the last […]

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Craigellachie 13

Thanks to /u/kinohead for sharing this dram. Saying there is a lot of distilleries in the Speyside region is somewhat akin to saying there’s a lot of people living in cities. It doesn’t really address the situation well at all. The scary thing is, while it’s the largest region of whisky I’ve ever reviewed, there are […]

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