Deanston 18 Cognac Cask

I did an Advent Calendar made up of samples I had acquired over time, chosen by my wife, amongst all of the samples in my whisky shelf. We’re onto Advent Day #4, and so far I haven’t missed any. I eventually will, but my resolve is still pretty strong. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m […]

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Deanston Virgin Oak

Thanks again to /u/kinohead for bringing this dram. Awhile ago I was recommended Deanston Virgin Oak due to similarities it had with Lowland whiskies I love. And boy do I love Lowland whiskies. But let’s not get off track just yet. This isn’t a Lowland. It’s a Highland. Which means it’ll get to Scotland after me. […]

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Deanston 12

The Smurfs were an odd collective. Here they are, this homo-genderous society that only has a new gender based on their enemy creating one to undermine them. That’s a little insane, isn’t it? They know of females, and are about to die out due to not being able to breed, and then a crazy person […]

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