Dewar’s 32

Thanks to /u/devoz for sharing this with me. Forbes magazine likes to pump out a whisky article at least once a year that makes me question the entire state of journalism. Yes, there are journalists covering more important aspects and doing it correctly (and sometimes doing it very poorly) that should evoke more reaction but I’m some […]

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Dewar’s 12

Blends. They make the whisky world go around, like fat bottomed girls and the rocking world. Or so I was told by my nanny. You know the rest. Blends are usually left behind after you’ve had a lot of single malts. I don’t know what stereotypical female body type used in song single malts are […]

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Dewar’s 18

(Thanks to /u/slackerdude for the swap!) If you pretty a pig up in a dress, does it make the pig better, the dress worse, or you worse? That’s the question I typically have with blends. I completely accept the idea of blends being a potential for a good whisky. I also accept that Scotch ‘blends’, ‘vats’, […]

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