Teeling 14: The Revival Vol. 3

Last review (from this trip) at Dingle Whiskey Bar. I’d go back if I could. Actually, if they want to fly me out, I’m down to do a bunch more reviews. Damn pesky ocean in the way. As I said before, the Teeling: The Revival series was created in celebration of being the first distillery […]

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Connemara 12 / Connemara 22

So I’m in the middle of an Irish whiskey tour. And we’re asked “Does anyone drink Irish whiskey normally?” I, of course, raise my hand. “That’s great! What’s your normal brand?” Oh shit. I draw a blank. I can’t quickly explain that I’m addicted to trying everything, that I drink just about every single thing. […]

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Writers Tears Red Head

So I’m back at the Dingle Whiskey Bar. Of course I am. They have whiskey I want to drink. I’m here. Well, I was there. At the time of writing the review. But not this. Or that. I’m still somewhere. Let’s start over: I exist. That I know for certain. At least I know my […]

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