Adelphi ‘The Glover’ 18

Ended up splitting a bottle of this. So you may be asking what I’ve always been asking: What, or who, is Adelphi ‘The Glover’ 18. Who is Glover? Is is Danny or Donald Glover? Because they are very talented. Well, no. And this may take some time, so maybe throw on Community or Lethal Weapon […]

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Glen Garioch Vintage 1995

Thanks to /u/muaddib99 for swapping me this sample. Hangovers are funny things. For instance, as I type this, I’ve fought tooth and nail against one. Why? Well I wasn’t drinking whisky. I was drinking port. Because whisky angered me, due to Jim Murray’s stupid announcement. So I went to a house warming party and drank port. […]

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