GlenDronach 20 1995 Single Cask

Thanks to xile_  for the dram. What was the occasion: End of year tasting, I’ve reviewed other whiskies before this, I’m taking time to ensure that I can still review, I’m trying to figure out how to lay my leg down to not scream in pain (it’s throwing off the rest of the participants), I’m dealing with conflicting […]

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4 GlenDronach Single Casks

Whenever I hit some milestone, some number divisible evenly by 100, I wonder if I should do something special. I have some reviews I can hold back, or put together. However since (at the time of writing this) I’m since bouncing back into normality of not working and doing school at the same time for […]

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GlenDronach 8 – The Hielen

Simple whisky this time. I was at a bar, well known for a good selection of whiskies, however I had blown my whisky budget and didn’t have much time before my plans started. GlenDronach 8 – The Hielen was my pick. It’s about time, really. I had forgotten some of the younger malts and should catch […]

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GlenDronach 17 1994 Single Cask

Thanks to /u/devoz for pouring me a sample of this. Let’s take a nostalgia trip, shall we? You’ll see people talk about GlenDronach with much happiness. And then there’s some other whisky geeks who seem to get kinda sad when they come up. Why is that? Is it because they stopped peating their whisky back […]

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GlenDronach Peated

Recently I was lucky enough to join the Toronto Whisky Society in the first of what we hope is a constant amount of tastings. In order to give everyone a shot at coming out, the entry “fee” was to bring a bottle that was NAS/10 years that was at least half full. The following reviews […]

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