Glenfiddich 21 Winter Storm

Thanks to /u/Plothound  for pouring me this dram. This is the last of the six Glenfiddich reviews I did in a row. Why? Because it was time. And it’ll be more time when I finally dig out the Glenfarclas whiskies, but… uh oh. And what a way to end it all: Yes, it would have made more […]

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Glenfiddich Canadian Cask of Dreams

Thanks to /u/EvilAFI  for this sample. So I’m at this food and wine expo, years ago, back when going to an expo didn’t give me uncomfortable feelings. Well before the pandemic. There’s a whisky section, and even at that point, I wasn’t stoked to visit the section. Don’t get me wrong: They had samples, they had information, […]

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Glenfiddich Fire & Cane

Thanks to /u/the_muskox for sharing this dram. I continue along with my series of Glenfiddich reviews that I’m doing to make up room, as it’s been too long to do these, and I have a few of them. As the whisky I had before this one was Peated, I needed to pick out a similarly peated whisky. […]

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Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix [MYSTERY]

Thanks to /u/xile_ for pouring this for me. I’m not the biggest Glenfiddich fan boy. Yes, the 18 has a special place in my heart, however I’m not constantly hunting down Glenfiddich to try. That said I have been hunting down Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix. I had a chance to have a pour, however not being the biggest Glenfiddich […]

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Glenfiddich 12 Caoran Reserve

It’s my wife’s birthday. Thus we went to a place that had food she liked. Somehow she’s only brought to places with great whisky selections. Thus we ended up at Via Allegro. Which has a massive amount of whisky. And by that I mean they’ve won the award for best whisky list by multiple places. […]

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Glenfiddich Project XX

I’d like to thank Glenfiddich for giving the Toronto Whisky Society a bottle of Glenfiddich Project XX to review. While we were given this bottle, please note that these reviews are my own, we keep 100% editorial power over them. Glenfiddich Project XX is the second experiment, and I have to say, in comparison to the first, this is more […]

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