Glengoyne 20 2001 Malts of Scotland

Thanks to /u/ScotchGuy_TO  for pouring this dram for us. Still working through whisky reviews from the whisky tasting we had. This would be whisky number 8, however, in my own defense, I was super excited and took breaks when I felt like I couldn’t review anymore to clear my palate. So we’re midway through the sherry whiskies, […]

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Glengoyne 18

Thanks to /u/Davyj0ne5  for this dram. I recently figured out I had a couple Glengoyne samples around. So I finally got around to trying Glengoyne 12 for the last review. Skipping over the other middle child at fifteen years, we have Glengoyne 18. How has it changed, save for six more years? Well, I’m glad I asked myself […]

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Glengoyne 12

Thanks to /u/Davyj0ne5  for this dram So here’s an issue. Each year, there are standard whiskies that come out. And the same ones come out time and time, which makes sense. And then independent releases changeup. So as a whisky reviewer you end up starting with the standard, OB releases. Which is fine. It’s a good place […]

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Glengoyne 25

If you enter into our apartment, you first notice that we have lots of bookshelves. My wife’s still have room on them, and my smaller ones are packed to the brim. As you venture into the main living room, you’ll notice the shelves that have the whisky. Bulging out, the samples take up a few […]

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Glengoyne 21

Friends of mine have different tastes in whisky. One is the person who gave me the plan to use the Munsell Colour chart. She doesn’t like Speyside whiskies, and we recently determined it was due to the sheer amount of oak in them. The other is my oldest friend and the man who was my […]

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Glengoyne 10

Nearing the end of our trip, and wanted to try something different. We were in Birmingham, and the hidden away Neo-Tudor building seemed to be calling us from the ultra modernistic mall (where I stupidly passed up buying Kilchoman 100% Islay 2nd release).. The bar itself was really nice, and looked old, especially for us […]

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