Glenlossie 22 1997 Maltbarn

Thanks to a good friend for pouring me this dram “Hey, want a Glenlossie?” Silence. “It was bottled by Maltbarn” Alright, now we’re talking, where’s my glass? Yeah, I’m not going hunting for Glenlossie normally. I’m a biased, angry old grump who has reviewed enough Speyside scotches that I am basically a foolish Disney villain […]

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Premium Bottlers Vatted Malt GLLS 101

Thanks to /u/slackerdude for this sample. I was digging through some old samples and found one from quite a while ago. Premium Bottlers Vatted Malt GLLS 101 is different, that’s for certain. The company, Premium Bottlers, would eventually go on to become a distillery here in Ontario, Canada. They make their own whisky under the name Still Water Distillery, […]

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