Three Hazelburn Reviews

I sometimes feel like Hazelburn is the last child in a family of really smart kids. Look, you got Springbank. A tough, unique, amazing whisky. Easy oldest kid, gets straight As, is popular without being a dick about it. Then you have Longrow: Peated, doesn’t really have to try, still does, gets these cool red […]

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Hazelburn CV

Thanks to /u/cake_my_day for this sample. When I first started drinking different whiskies and reviewing them, I slowly heard about Campbeltown. To give an idea of how little most knew about it, when I took the Scotch Whisky Tour in Edinborough, the tasting didn’t include anything from the region. Yes, the place with one of the largest […]

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Hazelburn 8 & 12

So it’s the days leading up to Thanksgiving.. Wait, no it isn’t, I blabbered on about Thanksgiving two reviews ago… oh damn, I got these out of order. Whatever, not like anyone follows them chronologically. That and I do enjoy a pulp style story. So it’s the day… wait, no, go back further. So I’m […]

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