Highland Park Magnus

Thanks to my buddy Foster for pouring me this dram… I think. A few centuries ago, one Magnus Eunson, a butcher and church officer, decided he would start running an illicit still and become a bootlegger. He worked out of High Park in Kirkwall, Orkney. This would eventually all become Highland Park. Thus in order […]

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Highland Park Full Volume

Thank you to a friend (not on reddit) who poured me this sample. We’ve seen recently that Highland Park was, a few decades ago, playing around with casks. So you have things like Highland Park Fire, which was ex port casks and also Highland Park Full Volume, which was only ex-Bourbon casks. But the experimentation didn’t […]

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Highland Park Einar

And what do welcoming people with their own airport say to me when I call them while flying? That’s right: Hi! Land, Park! Thus that’s what I’m going to do for these reviews. You know, that thing we all do on a normal basis. Highland Park is known for releasing various series. They don’t overdo […]

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