A quintet of Tomatins

There’s always something that you like “the least”. You may enjoy the heck out of Marvel and then someone brings up Thor: Dark World, or worse, such as Inhumans or Immortal Iron Fist. You may love cinema and someone will bring up Meet the Spartans, or the Emoji Movie, or whatever the hell Alone in […]

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Invergordon 31 1987 North Star

So I’m buying a bottle or two and splitting them with a buddy. Already reviewed the first one (check out Cragganmore Archives if you haven’t) and he asked if I was down to split Invergordon 31 1987 North Star. I can’t say how others decide to spend on their hobby. I am privileged enough to have […]

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Trader Joe’s Highland 10

Thanks to /u/ScotchGuy_To  for pouring this at a tasting. I live in what Yuppies call “the shadow lands”, where Trader Joe’s or Pirate Joes (companies that specifically buy Trader Joe’s products and resell them in Canada) don’t exist. It’s a rough life, and I rest in my bed knowing that as long as my future medical issues […]

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4 GlenDronach Single Casks

Whenever I hit some milestone, some number divisible evenly by 100, I wonder if I should do something special. I have some reviews I can hold back, or put together. However since (at the time of writing this) I’m since bouncing back into normality of not working and doing school at the same time for […]

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