Highwood Distillers Ninety 5 & Ninety 20

I’d like to thank Highwood Distillers for sending these bottles to the Toronto Whisky Society. For some people, Highwood Distillers will sound familiar, as I’ve reviewed some of their whiskies before. And if you’ve noticed, I haven’t been singing their praises. However I don’t think that’s their point. Canadian whisky became popular because people, at one point, wanted […]

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White Owl Caramel

This was tasted as part of the Toronto Whisky Society. We were given this bottle from Highwood Distillers for the purpose of reviewing it. We take our reviews seriously, and do not give higher marks because something is free. I appreciate the donation from Highwood. Assuming no one reads that, feel free to call me […]

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Century Reserve Lot 15-25

Thanks (I think) to /u/muaddib99 for sharing this dram. And thanks (I know) for hosting the most recent Canadian Reddit Whisky-Nerd meetup. So we, the whisky nerds, herded ourselves downtown to meetup. Each of us brought the drams of shit we didn’t want anymore. Well… not really. We brought a bunch of stuff. And we decided […]

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White Owl

Innovation and marketing are odd ducks. So we now have new distilleries releasing white spirit and very young spirit in order to pay the bills while the spirit ages. And I can understand that. However we also have Jim Beam, Buffalo Trace, and even Alberta Highwood Distillers, makers of Centennial and Thunder Bolt Rye. I […]

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