Glenfiddich 21 Winter Storm

Thanks to /u/Plothound  for pouring me this dram. This is the last of the six Glenfiddich reviews I did in a row. Why? Because it was time. And it’ll be more time when I finally dig out the Glenfarclas whiskies, but… uh oh. And what a way to end it all: Yes, it would have made more […]

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Wayne Gretzky Whisky Hat Trick

I recently visited Wayne Gretzky distillery of my own accord. Well, it was actually in a Mazda, but let’s not hurt that last sentence too much, I thought it sounded cool. I wrote up all I learned and saw and what my wife took pictures of here. Feel free to read it or ignore. That […]

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Glen Breton 12 Ice

Glenora Distillery and I have a shakey non-relationship. It’s a relationship for the joke description I’m writing now. On the one hand, Canada’s first ever single malt. Made in Nova Scotia, fighting the good fight over naming issues. If that doesn’t make my heart bleed maple syrup and make me want to fuck a moose, […]

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