Amrut Spectrum 004

Took a break from doing multi reviews of a whole bunch of Port Charlotte. And of course, by “took a break”, I mean I showed up to a tasting, where additional whisky was being served. Amrut Spectrum 004 is the second Spectrum on the market, made by those wacky Indian whisky makers out in… well, India. […]

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Amrut Single Cask Virgin Oak

Thanks to /u/devoz for this sample. I’ve written about Amrut quite a bit in the last while. So much so, I’m having trouble starting this one off. Everyone loves a Virgin Butt. Wait, that may come off wrong. But think of the SEO I’ll get! Alright, good plan. Like I was saying, everyone loves a virgin […]

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Amrut Double Cask

Thanks again to /u/devoz for the sample. So I’m at a whisky tasting and I get offered another Amrut. And because I need to keep drinking Amruts or my ancestors will rise up and destroy Sri Lanka. Which is amazing because I’m white as shit and my ancestors never went there, but thems the breaks. Sorry […]

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Amrut Rye

Thanks to /u/devoz for this sample. Indian heat and whisky methods, European Rye, Amrut yeast, and a friendly competition between two obsessive Canucks. That’s what’s lead us here. An assortment of international reasons that have lead me here. Amrut Rye seems insane. A company that makes Single Malts in a very distinctive Scottish way. The last […]

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Amrut 10 Greedy Angels

Thanks to /u/xile_ for sharing a dram of this one with us. Had a whisky tasting. And for this one, we went all out. Up first… You know what? I’m going to assume you want to know more about the whisky than anything else. And for this one, I’m going to be succinct. We drank a […]

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Amrut-pocalayplse [12 Part Review]

Thanks to /u/Jolarbear, /u/LetThereBeR0ck, /u/devoz, /u/WDMC-905, and /u/Schockwaves for the samples. Regulations are a funny thing. Looking at the history of the Scotch industry, one finds that the regulations have been a double edged sword. Originally people had a still, and took whatever leftover barely, wheat, etc. and put it in the still, and drank […]

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Paul John Indian Whisky (Edited, Brilliance, Classic Select Cask, Peated Select Cask, Single Cask P1-163, 6 2008 Single Cask)

India. The name itself evokes a rich, proud, diverse and fascinating history. Or tasty spicy food, vast class discrepancies, a growing income gap, and a cold war process with a border more complicated then trying to play connect the dots on a fry chef’s face. India is fascinating. And has a bit of English history. […]

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Amrut Peated Cask Strength

When I was at Cadenhead’s in Edinburgh, I noticed they had some Amrut. And I mentioned it. The gentlemen there said “I’d go for Amrut over most of the other distilleries in Scotland. They are doing things right.” For the oldest independent bottler in Edinburgh to say that an Indian distillery is doing things right […]

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Amrut Fusion

Who is pacifen? Awesome sauce, that’s who. And the person who sent me a great sample of the next dram I’ll be reviewing, Amrut Fusion. Last week I reviewed the Amrut Cask Strength, granted a day late. I’ve been cutting back on drinking the past while, and exercising/working has taken up a lot of my […]

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Amrut Cask Strength

You know what’s a great way to try different whiskies? /r/ScotchSwap. Seriously great people over there. One of my most recent swaps was with an awesome person named /u/pacifen , and seriously, this was a pretty great swap. I’ve been jonesing to try different types of world whisky, and unfortunately (as everyone is sick of […]

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