Highland Park Magnus

Thanks to my buddy Foster for pouring me this dram… I think. A few centuries ago, one Magnus Eunson, a butcher and church officer, decided he would start running an illicit still and become a bootlegger. He worked out of High Park in Kirkwall, Orkney. This would eventually all become Highland Park. Thus in order […]

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Talisker 8 2021 Special Release

My recent picks of whisky have dove into ideas of what I know about whisky, where we might be now, where we have been, and what changes may have happened. Since my life seems to be an exercise in slowly reacting to something external and seeing how my particular set of genes handles it, one […]

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Ledaig 12 2008 Amarone Cask Finish

Another Ledaig? Sure, another Ledaig. For a distillery I consistently mention as being too expensive and that I have to get over because it’s hard to find, I certainly have been reviewing it a bunch, eh? I’m a peat head, what can I say. So I’m a hypocrite, we’ve cemented that, however with whisky bars […]

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