Ichiro’s Malt Triple Review (Malt & Grain, MWR – Mizunara Wood Reserve, Double Distilleries)

Being a good reviewer while not hurting new distilleries is a hard balancing act. One that I feel torn between. I enjoy visiting new distilleries. I feel they are the ones who are trying new things. However unless you’re one of the lucky people out there who understand how Kilchoman does that crazy thing they […]

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Akashi White Oak 5 Sherry Cask

Thanks to /u/theslicknick6 for this sample. If I have “oops” in my whisky reviews, it would be not getting around to some distilleries. One of which is White Oak Distillery, which I’m told is in the Hyogo prefecture. It’s too bad I’m utterly terrible at geography, or that would have significance to me. The distillery is […]

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Hibiki Japanese Harmony

Thanks to /u/Tsefly for the sample. It’s well known that I’m currently hunting Hibiki 30. Wait, let me start off not sounding like a snob. I’m currently hunting down a sample of Hibiki 30, sadly, and not having any luck with it. So much so that in the meantime, I found out about another Hibiki I […]

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Nikka Taketsura 21 [Re-Review]

Thanks to /u/cpselfbuilt for this sample… twice. Long story short, originally I was sent this as a mystery sample. I tried it, and drank it too quickly. Screwed up. Didn’t get it correct at all. Nikka Taketsura 21 is a blended malt. Well, a bleneded malt that won World’s Best blended malt in 2010. It’s […]

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Adelphi ‘The Glover’ 18

Ended up splitting a bottle of this. So you may be asking what I’ve always been asking: What, or who, is Adelphi ‘The Glover’ 18. Who is Glover? Is is Danny or Donald Glover? Because they are very talented. Well, no. And this may take some time, so maybe throw on Community or Lethal Weapon […]

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Hakushu 18

First review of 2016! Let’s get… completely and utterly calm and review a World Whisky! Okay, so Japanese Whisky and I haven’t always gotten along. And it’s not for either of us not trying. I try it. And it screams as I drink it. Wait, no, that’s the start to my new novel, “The Drinks […]

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Nikka Miyagikyo 10

Thanks to.. someone for this one. Sorry, I can’t find any documentation on the swap. Yell at me if you traded this to me. I continue on my proxy Japanese journey to Miyagikyo, proving to me that Gaelic may not be winning the pronunciation game hands down. This range is an odd one: A 10 […]

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White Oak Akashi Single Malt

Another Fine Day for a Fine Drams review. Buy now! Another sucking up to the Fine Drams guys? Okay, I’ll get on with it. So I recently did a lot of Japanese reviews. A bombing of reviews… if I was insensitive. Maybe a gaggle? No, that’s not Japanese… A harajuku of reviews? Perhaps a octopus […]

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