Watching a distillery grow is an interesting process. Hear me out here: The distillery has an idea of what it wants to make, and how it’s going to raise the money to do so. With how much money that investors are now asking for (because their kids ain’t gonna get a yacht otherwise) you have […]

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Kilkerran WIP 7 Sherry Wood & Kilkerran WIP 7 Bourbon Wood Cask Strength

Thanks to /u/ScotchChick and /u/boyd86 for pouring these whiskies for me. Kilkerran, from the Glengyle distillery. Why not call it Glenglye? Because there was another Glengyle in Campbeltown, and we’re trying to keep things all tickity-boo and working, alright? Otherwise we’d be keeping things confusing. Kilkerran is the new kid in class. The interesting one who has a clean […]

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Kilkerran 12

As part of the Toronto Whisky Society end of year celebration, we ended up with a few whiskies to share. 2017 was a great year for us. Thus I don’t actually remember who brought this or the next couple reviews, but thank you! And feel free to add a username for me to thank below! For the […]

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Kilkerran Work in Progress 4

I walk into this pub in Birmingham, and they don’t serve food. Other than Crisps. Called the Wellington. I would have had at least 5 more reviews to post if the credit card machine wasn’t down. They had that much amazing whisky. They had a really interesting whisky selection, all perfectly kept up by very […]

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