Knappogue Castle 12

Thanks to /u/Boyd86¬†for this sample. What’s more Irish than castles? Well how about the indigenous culture that was there before the castles that was then routed and hurt by them? Awkward. None the less, in the past year I’ve started exploring more beyond the DEW and the Jameson and landed upon Knappogue Castle. Famous for […]

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Knappogue Castle 16

Thanks to /u/toadpooh¬†for this sample. In the year 1966, a very rich American gentleman by the name of Mark E. Andrews bought a decrepit 15th century castle named Knappogue Castle. Normally that’s the beginning of some sort of “Cultural Appropriation is Bad” film, and in the end, the valiant people of the area will rise […]

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Knappogue Castle 1995

Continuing on with the highly popular, never doubted, and generally treated with respect Irish Whiskey min-binge! So I ordered a bunch of Irish whiskies from Flaviar. They ship to Canada, so that leaves them as my only option. Also it’s not too bad compared to having to hunt it down at bars and restaurants. So […]

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