Ledaigs of many a variety

There’s an awkward thing I bring up around Tobermory/Ledaig and there’s an obvious thing. The awkward thing is due to the “body” or “stinky cheese” or “Brevibacterium” there are a variety of different comments, from the mundane “this is why I don’t like blue cheese” to uncomfortable comments about a variety of sex workers in […]

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Ledaig 42 Dùsgadh

Thanks to /u/xile_ for swapping /u/unclebaldric for this dram. Man, I really went through an epic tasting phase. I hope it doesn’t warp me. I mean, I put my golden shoes on one foot at a time, in my giant mansion, just like everyone else. I keep talking like that and I may need to buy myself into politics. […]

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6 Ledaig Reviews

Ledaig. On Reddit, that place where bad and good things happen, I’m the third most prolific reviewer of Ledaig. Last I checked. Let’s do that now, before I screw up and put my foot in my mouth, again. Alright, it basically backs me up. I think. Who knows if people have been archiving? Whatever. When […]

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Ledaig 11 2005 Signatory Cask Strength Collection (Cask 900157) [MYSTERY]

Thanks to /u/ForbiddenWaffle for this mystery pour. There’s something magical about whisky. And I don’t mean that “believing stickers make you smarter” thing that Gwyneth Paltrow is slinging or whatever religion is selling or Cardboard Crack: The Spending type Magic. No, I’m talking about the idea of different casks giving different results. Yes, I know statistically most […]

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Ledaig in 4 Parts [1,500th REVIEW]

Thanks to /u/xile_ and /u/devoz for giving me these samples. Somehow, without falling over and turning into a puddle of alcohol, I’ve hit 1,500 whisky reviews. It’s an odd moment. I started out with the mentality that people only read my reviews because they were funny, I mentioned pop culture moments, and I made dick jokes. Especially the dick […]

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