Longrow Red 13 Cabernet Sauvignon

Thanks to devoz for this sample. So if you’re new to this, let me let you in on a yearly tradition: We all grease ourselves up, and then jump… Wait, I’m being called by my lawyer and they say I should skip that particular tradition in the public discourse. So otherwise you may have seen Longrow Red […]

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Longrow 11 Red Cabernet Franc

Sometimes consistent releases are great. Sure, the odd, random whisky is a lot of fun. And finding them is exciting. Probably part of the reason most of us, if not myself, love to review. Heck, most of the time my reviews are for whiskies that are sold out or I’ve just gotten to. It’s partially […]

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Longrow 12 1996 Oloroso Single Cask

Thanks to /u/devoz for the sample. So Springbank owns Springbank, Longrow, and Hazelburn. In addition, the whole thing is owned by Cadenheads. To add confusion, they helped supply the capital for Glengyle, one of three Campbeltown distilleries, however have nothing to do with Glen Scotia, the other one. Following along? Okay. So Cadenheads sells to everyone and […]

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Longrow Red 13 Malbec

Longrow. Wine. Goes together like M&Ms and popcorn. Or like cheap French fries and soft serve ice cream. You wouldn’t think it does, but it do. As such, each time I have a chance to try a Longrow that has been considered near a wine, I attempt to drink it or buy it or both. […]

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