A Bountiful Bevy of Benrinnes

I can talk for years about the times when I missed out, however Benrinnes hasn’t been one of them. That’s not to say I’m sitting on a bunch of bottles of Benrinnes 23 or Stronachie 1976. That said, I have been lucky enough to try them. There was a time when Benrinnes in a sherry […]

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You gotta try new things. Again, yes, I’m your mother now. See previous reviews to find out why. Some of them will surprise you, or whatever I’m supposed to say to get people to read as otherwise I’m just screaming into the void. Where was I? Oh yes, Mackmyra, a Swedish whisky distillery. When you […]

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Watching a distillery grow is an interesting process. Hear me out here: The distillery has an idea of what it wants to make, and how it’s going to raise the money to do so. With how much money that investors are now asking for (because their kids ain’t gonna get a yacht otherwise) you have […]

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Why is Bowmores?

I can’t really think of a distillery I’m more polarized on than Bowmore. A long time back, a time when I was bushy eyed and peppy, I tried the standard OB (original bottling) offerings from Bowmore. I was underwhelmed. After that I was one of the few lucky new whisky drinkers to try some of […]

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Caol Ila – 3 Ways

We’re at a weird point for Caol Ila. As of writing this. Which is 2021, unless you’re currently living through it, at which point your brain has correctly noted it’s 2040 and the end times have begun with less fanfare and more fake articles about how work from home is ruining everyone’s lives. Recently I’ve […]

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A quintet of Tomatins

There’s always something that you like “the least”. You may enjoy the heck out of Marvel and then someone brings up Thor: Dark World, or worse, such as Inhumans or Immortal Iron Fist. You may love cinema and someone will bring up Meet the Spartans, or the Emoji Movie, or whatever the hell Alone in […]

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