Ardbeg – Better as an OB or IB?

I’ve been lucky enough to try Ardbeg from the 60s to recently. And yes, that’s a brag. Brag, brag, brag. I’m awesome and I’m sure you imagine my genitalia as massive and tight and amazing. Wow, way to alienate new people. Let’s start over. Ardbeg has changed over the years. What was, at one point, […]

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Three Secret Speyside

I get it. Some distilleries don’t want competition from independent bottlers. And some distilleries, like many Cartman’s, will take their ball and go home if you put their name on it. See Highland Park, Macallan, Ardbeg, Balvenie, Glenmorangie, etc. And then other distilleries end up with barrels without labels on them. So they sell them […]

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Macallan – Sure, why not

I’ve had very few times to write up reviews. Thus when I do, I’ve been batching them together. It’s fun, really. Everyone loves super long reviews that take a long time to read (this is sarcasm). Let’s get caught up and then maybe, just maybe, I’ll go back to singles (that’s a lie). Alright, I’m […]

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Bruichladdich – I need more

If you’re a hobby person (aka someone who’s actually interesting to have discussions with at a party), you can trace aspects of your hobby back to something in your childhood. In my case my first “hobby” was video games. I am not good at sports. My art skills are something I love but most would […]

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Ledaigs of many a variety

There’s an awkward thing I bring up around Tobermory/Ledaig and there’s an obvious thing. The awkward thing is due to the “body” or “stinky cheese” or “Brevibacterium” there are a variety of different comments, from the mundane “this is why I don’t like blue cheese” to uncomfortable comments about a variety of sex workers in […]

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The hunt for amazing Glenrothes

Glenrothes has always been “there”. It’s not typically on any (in my whisky group) “must buy” list, their OBs don’t really excite too many people (typically, and again, just from what I’ve read, YMMV), but they have their fans. I’m sure of it. Why? Because I’ve had them poured for me. And based on reviews, […]

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