Old Forester 1897 Bottled in Bond

Thanks to /u/georgejessel  for sharing this whiskey with me. I miss out on some new releases from time to time. Samples only get you so far, being stuck inside means less bars to do reviews at, and other excuses no one needs to hear. Old Forester 1897 Bottled in Bond is part of the Old Forester Whiskey Row […]

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Old Forester Classic

Thanks to /u/Shaillur for this sample Recently it’s been mentioned that I’m judging bourbon unfairly in comparison to Scotch. Which I can see, on some level. Scotch, when done correctly, has a depth of characters, unique aspects, and overall can set off memories. Bourbon, on the other hand, when done correctly, has big, bombastic flavours […]

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Old Forester Signature

Thanks to /u/Vynidaris for this dram. For 140 years, Old Forester has been making bourbon. The current incarnation of Old Forester Bottled in Bond, or the closest thing to it, is Old Forester Signature. It’s no longer Bottled in Bond, however it is 100 proof, and from hand selected barrels. I guess it was hard […]

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