Edradour Reviews, Two Ways [Distillery Exclusive & Edradourian Knights Pick]

Thanks to /u/forbiddenwaffle  for pouring me the Cotes de Provence. I always have to ask this about every distillery: Are there hardcore fans? It’s easy to find fans of Islay products: They are everywhere. It’s like bunnies in a field: They keep propagating and you can always find them. It gets harder as you go to other […]

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Cardhu 14 2021 Special Release

This is a continuation of my ongoing self reflection of Diageo as a whisky reviewer. All done by reviewing the 2021 Special Releases of Diageo. Much easier than therapy or mindfulness. Buying Cardhu isn’t easy near me. We don’t have lots of Cardhu come through. You have the standard 12-year-old OB bottling. And… that’s what’s […]

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Ledaig 12 2008 Amarone Cask Finish

Another Ledaig? Sure, another Ledaig. For a distillery I consistently mention as being too expensive and that I have to get over because it’s hard to find, I certainly have been reviewing it a bunch, eh? I’m a peat head, what can I say. So I’m a hypocrite, we’ve cemented that, however with whisky bars […]

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A quintet of Tomatins

There’s always something that you like “the least”. You may enjoy the heck out of Marvel and then someone brings up Thor: Dark World, or worse, such as Inhumans or Immortal Iron Fist. You may love cinema and someone will bring up Meet the Spartans, or the Emoji Movie, or whatever the hell Alone in […]

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Laphroaig Cairdeas 2020

I’m always a year or more behind when it comes to Cairdeas releases. Not only are they not easy to get your hands on (as we’re starved for similar quality whiskies here in Canada), but I like to take my time with these bottles. That’s a lie I have too much to write, I am […]

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