Milk & Honey 4 2018 Grumpy Dram

What was the occasion: The last review didn’t sit well with me. For those of you who skipped it, it was also for a Milk & Honey release. I very much didn’t like it. Was very rough. Contrary to your potential beliefs, I don’t like shitting all over bad whiskies. Bad whiskies mean that people out […]

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Bruichladdich The Ternary Project

I typically drink single malts. It’s not that I don’t like blends: You can find many blends, both of Scotch and not Scotch, that I’ve reviewed, enjoyed, etc. It’s just that the majority of blends are NAS, usually lower abv., and use more single grain to cut costs. Also this isn’t a true “blend”, as […]

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Edradour Reviews, Two Ways [Distillery Exclusive & Edradourian Knights Pick]

Thanks to /u/forbiddenwaffle  for pouring me the Cotes de Provence. I always have to ask this about every distillery: Are there hardcore fans? It’s easy to find fans of Islay products: They are everywhere. It’s like bunnies in a field: They keep propagating and you can always find them. It gets harder as you go to other […]

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Cardhu 14 2021 Special Release

This is a continuation of my ongoing self reflection of Diageo as a whisky reviewer. All done by reviewing the 2021 Special Releases of Diageo. Much easier than therapy or mindfulness. Buying Cardhu isn’t easy near me. We don’t have lots of Cardhu come through. You have the standard 12-year-old OB bottling. And… that’s what’s […]

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