Redbreast Lustau Edition

Among my whisky geek friends, I am known as the one who’s typically wrong. This isn’t 100% because I say wrong things all the time. It’s also because, in my past, I worked in marketing, and in marketing, if you don’t say something with total confidence then you aren’t believed. If you wait to look […]

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Redbreast 21

Thanks to /u/cpfselfbuilt for this sample. It’s about time I got around to this dram. I mean, I somehow waited until after it was noted as one of the whiskies of the year, for all that means. I mean, it means that everyone who isn’t a whisky nerd is going to be asking about it and we’ll […]

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Redbreast 15

Had some time to kill. So what does a smart young businessperson like myself do when they have a few hours to kill before a whisky tasting? Why you go for a walk in the cold out to a bar that just got in Pappy van Winkle 20 to see the price, that’s what. I […]

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Redbreast 12

Special thanks to /u/muaddib99 for the in person swap for this one (and many more to come)! So I start this review with a question: What should I write about? It’s an Irish whiskey, so why not discuss The Irish People? Let me tell you something about writing ABOUT anything Irish: It gets you in trouble. […]

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