Ardmore 22 2000 Whisky Sponge

What was the occasion: I had a buddy who was debating buying this whisky. Due to many factors in my life at this time, I don’t spend as long drinking as I used to. Not going into that. Whatever the reason eventually drives me to drink… Wait, that sounded negative, let me be very clear, a […]

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Balblair 1975 1st Release

What was the occasion: I had two Balblair samples in my house. And while I’m still getting over my leg injury, and thus not drinking as much, I’m still trying. Just slower than normal. I believe my old review rate was 0.75/day, and we’re well below that now. I’ve had this sample around for a while. […]

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Balblair 8 2012 Blackadder

What was the occasion: Frankly? There were two Balblair whiskies in my apartment, and that’s two more than normal. I am not a Balblair stan. I’m not out here, arguing that Blackpink has nothing on this Highland distillery. Nor am I wondering if Phase 4 of Balblair will outdo Phase 4 of the MCU (though frankly […]

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