Edradour 10 2011 Signatory Un-Chillfiltered Collection

What was the occasion: I received a mystery sample from a whisky friend “Ricebowl” (real name changed because welcome to the internet, if that’s bugging you you can guess, it’s probably something like “Nushi” or “Maria” or “Fartmeister” or “Slam-Poetry-Outcome”). I don’t let mystery samples stick around, as in the past I completely forgot where they […]

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GlenDronach 20 1995 Single Cask

Thanks to xile_  for the dram. What was the occasion: End of year tasting, I’ve reviewed other whiskies before this, I’m taking time to ensure that I can still review, I’m trying to figure out how to lay my leg down to not scream in pain (it’s throwing off the rest of the participants), I’m dealing with conflicting […]

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Tullibardine 22 1972 Signatory

What was the occasion: We went out to an old favourite pub of mine that has a fun list of whiskies to celebrate gaining back my sense of smell and my 40th birthday (which I didn’t want to celebrate). This was the second whisky I had during the afternoon, in a calm climate as others enjoyed […]

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