Edradour Reviews, Two Ways [Distillery Exclusive & Edradourian Knights Pick]

Thanks to /u/forbiddenwaffle  for pouring me the Cotes de Provence. I always have to ask this about every distillery: Are there hardcore fans? It’s easy to find fans of Islay products: They are everywhere. It’s like bunnies in a field: They keep propagating and you can always find them. It gets harder as you go to other […]

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North of Scotland 50 1970 Douglas Laing Xtra Old Particular The Black Series

Thanks to /u/ScotchGuy_TO  for sharing a dram with me (and splitting the bottle with me) for the year end tasting. I’m not really nice to single grain whiskies, which is probably because I’m not a fan of drinking solvent. Granted I’m also Canadian, and our whiskies are majority single grain that’s aged in a cold climate, so […]

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Glen Elgin 11 2007 Archives

Thanks to scotchandponder  for the sample There’s some distilleries that I can come in one, metaphorical dick swinging, acting like I know what I’m talking about. Immense amount of conceit and lack of self reflection goes into it, to the point where every single person I meet has to remind me I’m personally full of shit to […]

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An Ample Amount of Amruts

I’ve been writing a bit lately about moving on from old distilleries. Which is tough. No one wants to stop buying a specific distillery’s offerings due to price increases, changes in how it’s being made, or even situations where it becomes so popular that you have to camp out to purchase it. Which usually means […]

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Braeval 22 1994 Maltbarn

Thanks to /u/dramfine  for sharing this dram. Second Braes of Glenlivet or Braeval I’ve ever had. Why? The distillery was started by Chivas in 1973, took a break in 2002, and then came back in 2008. It’s owned by Pernod Ricard, doesn’t have any official bottlings (OB if ya nasty), and goes right into blends. Years ago […]

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Glenmorangies and Westports

Thanks to /u/smoked_herring & /u/devoz  for the samples. An old joke or riddle was “When is a Martini not a Martini?” and the answer being “A Gimlet”. I imagine if you’re over the age of 70 you are smirking at this time. I assume. I don’t really find it funny or that ubiquitous. I found it in an old […]

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